Technical profile

Growler for Google Notifier 3.1 waffle software

Network behavior
Application updatesN/A
Primary/secondary network activityNo network traffic
(Network communication with Google handled by the host application Google Notifier)
Other considerationsN/A
Documentation and installation
Help bookNone
Other considerationsN/A
Document management N/A; no document support
Software composition
Hosted within
Growler plugin
Google Notifier, Google Inc.
using the supported GGPluginProtocol interface.
GN Growler Utility
BundlesGrowl programming framework with System Preferences panel
provides services for showing notifications
Non-bundled requirementsGoogle Notifier
Hardware architecturePowerPC/Intel (Universal, 32-bit)
Other considerationsN/A
Settings and files
PreferencesStandard Mac OS X preferences (defaults)
Application databaseNone (N/A)
CachesNone (N/A)
Temporary filesNone (N/A)
Auxiliary application dataNone (N/A)
Other considerationsN/A
Platform services
AppleScript supportNone (N/A)
Automator supportNone (N/A)
Accessibility supportNo particular effort
System servicesNone (N/A)
Full keyboard access
Growler plugin
N/A (no user interface)
GN Growler Utility
(Type < to insert placeholders into the preference fields when drag and drop to insert the placeholders is unavailable.)
Other considerationsN/A