ThisService 3

Create Mac OS X services from any script.

Download ThisService 3.0.1

Runs on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
Released 2012-08-08.

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Starting Points
Service script examples; AppleScript, Perl, Ruby, Python and node.js.

What's all this, then?

Built into Mac OS X is the concept of 'services'. A service is a small and targeted tool you can use in almost any program to insert text or do something useful with the current selection. Out of the box, there are services to search the selected text in Google, or look it up in a dictionary. Just select text (or place the insertion point where you want it) and pick a service from the Services menu in the right-click context menu (or in the application menu).

Normally, you have to write services using Apple's Cocoa framework, using languages like C, C++ or Objective-C. With ThisService, anyone with a basic handle on programming can choose a language they're comfortable with (like AppleScript, Perl, Python, Ruby or JavaScript (with node.js)) to write a service in. Many tasks suitable for services are easier to achieve with the right language for the task and you don't have to figure out the service integration book-keeping.

Help! My Services menu is all crowded.

ThisService is solely for creating new services. Disable services you don't use in the Keyboard preference pane. That's also where you can set, change or remove their keyboard shortcuts.